EAMEDI, created in 2011, is the marriage of EAM’s distribution & sales platform with Medi’s expertise in Italian brands Development. EAMEDI represents Italy’s most refined food & Beverage brands.

The New Synergetic Portfolio made up of EAM’s brands along with EAMEDI’s brands is very promising and has a high potential of development.

Delverde is a company in tune with the times, with a large selection of products that are sold worldwide. While the facilities now enjoy state-of-the-art technology, at Delverde pasta are still done like in the old days, extruding it through a bronze die and letting it slow-dry, benefitting from the pure air of our unspoilt natural surroundings, providing the unmistakable backdrop to our factory since its inception.


Panealba products vary from the famous "Grissini" in various packing to small and delicate in the taste cookies, The package of Panealba products has no need of presentation being itself on attractive sale promotion point when showed in a supermarket shelf or in a delicatessen shop or Restaurant context.


High class is a concept of unmistakeable taste. Unmistakeable as the aroma of the fresh truffles. Since 1900 experience and love had led our commitment in the picking and commercialization of truffles.


Founded in 1860, Riso Scotti was one of the first Italian rice factories to produce and sell packaged rice, thus guaranteeing the constant high quality and hygiene of the product.


Levoni is a company of the grand Italian salumi tradition. Every product has a history, a taste, an aroma that derives from the rigorous respect of ancient recipes linked to their area of origin. Their assortment is unique not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of variety, with many specialities such as: salami, bresaola, motadella, salsicce.


Maximum attention to the handcrafted quality of the cheeses and passionate care taken in the refinement process mark the proud Guffanti-Fiori family tradition handed, down for five generations.

abandoned silver mine, that at a certain point, began to produce another precious good, one derived from milk.


The vast array of products that are prepared by Latteria Soresina for your table are made using quality milk from the dairy producers’ cooperative in keeping with the centennial experience that this company has accrued over the course of its history.

Latteria Soresina brings the flavour of tradition to your kitchen, with products ranging from a selection of butters, Soresina’s “Piccoli” cheeses, Gran Soresina Grana Padano and Gran Soresina Parmigiano Reggiano, Provolone, Caciocavallo, as well milk from the dairy producers’ cooperative.