Established in 1934, our company has grown from a small family firm, to become a large organization with a diversified Brands portfolio of leading international firms.

Throughout the past 76 years, EAM has been fully committed to its stakeholders, building trust with all of them while constantly developing to become a leading edge Distribution Company.

For more than 76 years, the sole activity of our company has been the distribution of Wines, Spirits and Food in Lebanon. During this period, our business witnessed Uninterrupted growth. We believe that there are three factors that have been the driving forces behind our success:

- An entrepreneurial spirit

A continuous quest for improvement
- Strong Ethics

Today we still regard Wines, Spirits and Food as our core business and we continue to build strategic alliances with international brands. But at the same time, distribution has paved the way for diversification into
other activities.

Looking Ahead, we actively seek new business development opportunities, through the distribution of innovative value added products and services which will respond to the aspiration of the Levant consumers.