Papivore Malin
In Q1 2011, EAM took the initiative to go green and joined the “Papivore Malin” projectan initiative taken by T.E.R.R.E Liban in 1995; which consists in educating people on sorting there waste at source mainly with paper selection and collection in schools. Founded in 1995, T.E.R.R.E. Liban is an independent Lebanese non‐governmental organization devoted to the creation and implementation of environmental education within Lebanon and has been a leader in the promotion of environmental solutions for sustainable development.

Today, the company is working with more than 380 institutions. Between April 2008 and May 2010, . T.E.R.R.E Liban has collected 262,261 Kg of paper and has saved 4,458 trees.

So far EAM's recycling initiative has managed to save more than 50 trees.


EAM collaborates with Jouzour Loubnan a Lebanese NGO, who’s main goals are the following:
Pland in arid Conditions:

-Increase the woodland area in Lebanon by planting indigenous species to restore degraded high mountain ecosystems and develop wildlife habitats.

Empower local communities:
-Empower the local community to protect, manage, promote and benefit from the projects.

Promote environmental awareness
-Promote environmental awareness of our natural resources amongst younger generations.

EAM has participated in Jouzour Loubnan forestation event, by planting 500 trees in Kfredebiane area. Jouzour Loubnan is an NGO whose mission is to participate in the restoration of Lebanese woodland and promote sustainable forestation in arid regions. This is done through their commitment to ensure the irrigation, guardianship and protection of the trees we plant.


EAM is participating in Bassma’s Resto Sourire program.

Resto Sourire” or "Smiles Resto" or "مطعم البسمة" is a project initiated by BASSMA aiming at providing hot meals to deprived persons, especially the elderly, coming from the most unfortunate areas in Beirut.

BASSMA’s first Resto Sourire was launched in Sin El Fil in March 2004.

BASSMA’s second Resto Sourire opened in Achrafieh in April 2009.

BASSMA’s third Resto Sourire opened in Furn El Chebbak in March 2010.

BASSMA's Smiles Restos are offering each month 1,400 hot meals and from 2009 till today, the Smiles Restos have offered more than 24,000 hot meals to underprivileged people.


The Order of Malta Lebanon
The Order of Malta Lebanon is more than a simple NGO. It acts through a network of 27 different operations to serve the most underprivileged, the poor, the disabled and the elderly, with no distinction. One of their key projects is the "Holiday Camps for the Disabled" at Al Fadi Center in Chabrouh, where each year, volunteers from the Youth of the Order of Malta Lebanon get together with the youth of other delegations from Germany, England, Holland and France to bring joy, love and happiness to physically and mentally challenged individuals ("our guests") coming from specialized homes and psychiatric hospitals across Lebanon. During 15 camps of one week each, our underpriviledged "guests" receive, from dedicated volunteers, the one-on-one attention they lack all year long.

EAM has been providing daily food products, essential to the needs of these young volunteers and their "guests". This special contribution has proven to be of utmost importance.


Lebanese Food bank
Lebanese Food bank is a nonprofit organization established end of 2011 to fight and eliminate hunger by 2020; by feeding the unable to work (elderly, orphans, handicapped…) and developing the needy able to work with no discrimination. The Lebanese Food Bank programs have four major points to deal on the short and the long terms: Feeding, Development, Awareness and Volunteering. Each program is designed for different kind of partners to allow them to help the needy, in the best possible way. EAM is partner of the Lebanese Food Bank in the: Feeding programs; that distribute food parcels through several NGOs all over Lebanon.